Quien soy

I have been a designer for more than 18 years I born in Caracas Venezuela I have worked and participated in large projects with advertising agencies such as Nolck Fischer, JMC Advertising, Corpa Publicidad, BBDO Publicidad, Global Link clients such as Pepsi Cola Panamericana, Subway, Avena Quaker, Brahma Beer, Mavesa etc. Then in 2008 I decide to work on my own when I create Grafito Group C.A, in 2008 and since then I have not stopped, working hard and with effort I try to give my best, be honest with the people and transparent with my work. In the network I work with Freelancer, Upwork.

I’m looking for the things that make me feel good, happy design because I do what I like, happy to have and meet excellent clients and proud to be born in a wonderful country.

I added an file you can see my portfolio and profile In the red social LINKEDIN  http://www.linkedin.com/in/marialeperoza